Your fairytale wedding for 2020 can still come true here at Chateau Challain.

 There's a reason why the world's best destination wedding photographers love this luxury French castle. No matter the season Chateau Challain is one of the most photogenic chateaux in France, all year round. In this blog, we would love to share with you some of our favourite recent weddings and elopements during our Fall and Winter season. All the wonderful photographs here are taken from this magical time of the year.

If your love can't wait, and you're looking for a last minute perfect fairytale destination wedding, then look no further than Chateau Challain, proudly one of the best destination wedding venues in France. Travel restrictions may have limited your options to elsewhere further afield, but to our European neighbors we can still offer one of the top destination wedding venues in the world.

You'll be safe within these castle walls. Our beautiful isolated location, a safe distance from urban centers, offers you and your guests the chance to get together while respecting social distancing. Our international service standards guarantee high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. Be assured we'll keep your guests safe.

 We offer unrivaled accommodations, take a look yourself, and compare us with some of the other chateaux in France, the difference is startling. The beautifully restored bedrooms in the chateau offer you the chance to literally sleep in a room steeped in history. The craftsmanships of the interiors of the chateau are stunning, you can be your very own queen and king of this historical monument. Our recently renovated Coach House annex has been decorated to the highest standards, with all the modern amenities you would expect from Chateau Challain.

The dreams of a large wedding this year might have slipped away, although that means we can focus on the people that truly count in our lives. Take this opportunity to whittle down that unruly guest list and pick a truly VIP group of family and friends. At Chateau Challain we've been working on intimate weddings for the last 15 years, perfect slices of unforgettable memories.

We all have had to adapt in this present climate, but that doesn't mean we have to limit our dreams. Let your imagination soar with our latest affordable package, specifically aimed for this time of the year, and tailored for intimate groups. Ask us for details about this all inclusive package, that will cover all you need for the perfect 2020 wedding, leaving you to enjoy the moment.

 If your heart is set on a 2020 wedding, with all your vendors ready to go, but due to the present situation everything seems to slipping away, don't lose hope, your dreams of a 2020 wedding can still come true.

As you have seen from these wonderful photos Chateau Challain is your perfect Fall and Winter wedding venue. So why not dream a little larger, and give the people in your world something wonderful to look forward to this year.

So get in touch, and be that Bride in 2020 at Chateau Challain.

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