The Perfect 2021 Elopement in France

So now your planning the Big Day, and your Love can't wait! Why not Wed now, and party later! A French Destination Elopement is a perfect way to make sure your smaller celebration is still a big deal.

Everybody here at Chateau Challain would love to wish a huge congratulations! Not only are you engaged, but you also managed to survive 2020! We've had to mask up, and lockdown last year, and throughout this, your significant other has been by your side. In fact, if anything you Love them even more. They, surprisingly, are the one. Disney didn't lie, Love does exist, and you've been blessed to find it.

Celebrate that Love here at Chateau Challain. Our Elopement Packages include everything you've ever dreamed of. We've all spent the last year going without, making sacrifices, but with the end in sight, it's time to start living again. It's time to commit to the future together, and what could be a more extraordinary tribute to your Love, than to elope to this beautiful French Chateau.

At Chateau Challain, with any of our all-inclusive elopement packages, you'll get to enjoy all the glamour and style this beautiful historical monument has to offer. Indulge your dreams and stay in one of our outrageously opulent bedrooms. Feast on some of the divine foods and wines this country has to offer. And say 'I do' in one of the most romantic Chateaux in France.

Do you still have Questions?

Can I elope to France?

Of course! The law in France only recognises civil marriage performed by a French civil authority in a town hall, and you'll have to have been a resident in France for at least 40 days.
If you're dreaming to have a religious ceremony in France, the priest, rabbi or minister may ask for a marriage certificate from your country of residence. Due to this, most couples from abroad have a small civil ceremony in their home country. Your wedding in France will be a beautiful "symbolic" marriage ceremony performed by one of our celebrants.

What do our all-inclusive Elopement Packages Include?

Basically everything. With hair and makeup, photography, co-ordinator of the day, choice of ceremony spot, celebrant, beautiful florals, and stunning surroundings, Chateau Challain is the perfect Destination Elopement Venue. Our experienced Elopement Planner will walk you through the whole process, leaving you to live the moment.

Who to invite to your French Fairytale Elopement?

Let's face it; it's going to be you and your significant other. That's the beauty of an elopement. It's the chance to spend a magical moment between the two of you. A precious point in time together, that you'll treasure forever. It's about focusing on each other, capturing the intentional moments of the wedding day. For example, without the backdrop of a crowd, you can genuinely focus on the words from your loved one during the ceremony. Big wedding rarely allows those intimate moments, Elopements do. If you are considering a small VIP guest list, maybe you'll want to take a look at our "Intimate Affair' package.

Will I need to hire an Elopement Planner?

With our all-inclusive Elopement packages, the simple answer is no. Our in house planner will walk you through all the stages you need. We'll help you create your dream elopement, without you worrying about vendors and all the boring details. And on the day itself, our co-ordinator will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly, leaving you to live the day. Call us today, and show us that brilliant Pinterest board you've been working on.

How long does it take to plan an Elopement?

About a month! Yes, this is one of the best aspects of an elopement. It can truly be an emotional decision, and with our experienced team of wedding professionals, we can make this happen as soon as is humanly possible. An elopement is meant to be a whirlwind affair; it's a seize the day, life's too short, and we're destined to be together. Celebrate your Love in the most romantic way, and elope to France.

So don't confine your Dreams, start your Fairytale here at Chateau Challain in 2021, let's make it a year about life, liberty and Love. Get in touch, and together let's start making the future a brighter place.

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