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An Intimate Affair,
The perfect French Chateau Wedding idea.

 Here at Chateau Challain, "Where Fairytales begin," we started with intimate weddings from the beginning. Nothing has changed; couples from all around the globe have sought us to make their wedding dreams come true! From romantic elopements for just a couple to up to 120 guests extravaganzas, Chateau Challain is the perfect venue for a French Destination Wedding. So, the new style has always been our style. Elegant and passionate with a slash of magic! No matter the size of the event. Chateau Challain and its team of wedding experts are ready to serve up the perfect fairytale slice of magic that makes us one of the top destinations wedding venues in the world.

 The world is changing, and sadly there's no doubt about that, and of course, what we've considered normal will return at some point, but for now, let's consider what we can do. Love does not have to wait! 

The new terms Micro-wedding or Minimony have surfaced recently. Also, Elopements are back!

What is the difference?
Elopements and Minimony

 Elopements were once considered a romantic, more secretive, and of-the-moment experience—the idea of running away with your partner to a purely romantic destination. Where you get to make the memory you want with no rushing or pressure. If the population of your world equals two, have you considered an Elopement?

 You can also bring a few close intimate friends and Family to give it that VIP guestlist feel. This is considered a Minimony, where the closest people in your life witness the love you share. And together you'll celebrate what that love is all about! We can host you with a bespoke package, which makes it a step up from an elopement.

A Chateau Challain Elopement, what's included?

  •  One night stay in one of our Luxury Suites.
  • Romantic dinner for two
  • Ceremony in the location of your choice
  • Hair and Makeup artists
  • Florals and Decor
  • Photoshoot session
  • Personal Elopement coordinator
  • Continental Breakfast in our stunning traditional kitchen

 Head over to our Elopements page to have a glance at all the options we have to offer. Chateau Challain is beautiful all year round, and this year we have some fantastic offers to help your budget go even further.

Intimate Weddings, and Micro Weddings

 Then we have the slightly larger experience a micro-wedding, which are full-on nuptials with up to 50 guests. Have the experience you would have had with 200 guests, but instead of the wedding for only 5hrs, you can come to France and within the Chateau walls experience a wedding you have only dreamt of. With a smaller number of guests, but triple the experience. The Chateau sleeps up to 50, which allows you to be all together in a private residency. Just imagine the time you can have!

 Here at Chateau Challain, we have a package specially tailored for the smaller weddings; it's called the Intimate Affair. Crafted especially for groups under 50 people, and perfect if you're looking to get married this year.

With our Intimate Affair package, you'll get to stay in our recently redesigned Coach House. These sumptuous, beautifully restored accommodations include en-suite bathrooms in every room and impressive high-speed internet, allowing you to travel back in time while keeping all your favorite modern amenities.

 With an Intimate Affair, you'll get to retain all those beautiful elements of a wedding for your special day. From the invitations to the rehearsal dinner on your arrival night. Then the ceremony where tears will fall, followed by a signature cocktail hour. Step into the dining room for a French cuisine experience accompanied with your nearest and dearest, and of course, the party & champagne to celebrate. There is always the option to have it captured by professional destination wedding photographers & videographers. Everything that makes a wedding day special, just with a handcrafted guest list.

An Intimate Affair, what's included?

  •  3 Days, 2 nights stay in the Coach house
  • Welcome dinner, brunch, reception dinner, wedding cake, departure breakfast
  • Ceremony in location of choice with celebrant 
  • Table Decor and rental
  • Bouquet and boutonniere 
  • Unlimited beer and wine served during canapes and meals.
  • Wedding day coordinator

 Personally, I find the terms 'Minimony' or 'Micro wedding' not at all romantic, I prefer 'Intimate affair' and 'Elopements.' So whether you bring yourselves, or 30-50 guests, the Chateau will be yours for an unforgettable experience. It is all about the memories you are making, and the benefit is spending more time with the ones you love!

 Many couples are postponing their weddings. 2021 will be a big year for destination weddings, and Intimate affairs. If you have not started planning yet, you could miss out on a 2021 marriage. Head to our inquiries page to see how we can help.
But what if your love can't wait? Chateau Challain is every bit as classy and elegant throughout the seasons. We have some stunning offers for our Winter/Fall season, get in touch to ask us more.

 Dreaming of a larger wedding has to be reconsidered for the time being. But is that such a bad thing? For one, you get the chance to get to grips with that unruly guest list. It allows you to focus down on the people that count, the Family, and friends that have always been there for you through the good and bad times. If you're having a problem getting that list down, take a look at your phone. Look to see who you've been texting in the last three months; it's a great indicator of who counts.
A significant positive with a more refined guest list, is that it allows you to focus your budget for more considerable effect, more flowers, more entertainments, more everything. It's all about the memories you will be making together!

 You and your guests will be safe within these Castle walls. Our pastoral setting, away from dense urban populations, will give you a sense of security, a comforting fact in these turbulent times in which we live. And our exclusive use policy means the only people you'll see are the ones you love.

Your dreams don't have to be confined. Escape to our Chateau, and make your fairytale come true this year.

The Perfect 2021 Elopement in France
An Intimate Affair
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