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You've chosen a Destination Wedding Castle in France​, hopefully us! Most of our guests are happy to just roam the grounds and soak up the classic culture, or maybe just the Rosé. But some of our guests have the chance to explore all the local region has to offer, and often ask us about what there is to see. So we thought we would give you a guide to some of the amazing sights around us...

Puy du Fou

Have you ever wondered what it was like to witness one of the great spectacles of the roman Coliseum ? The grand horse racing, the gladiator fights between man and wild animal ? Or behold the raiding of fearsome vikings on a humble medieval coast village ? Perhaps you might be more of a romantic, and prefer a story from the likes of Alexandre Dumas, writer of the legendary 3 Mousquetaires. We have knights, vikings, gladiators, revolutionary musketeers, jousting, raiding, fighting, dancing and exploding spectacles all but a mere hour and a half away.

If your wish is to participate in one Frances favorite and most beautiful places to experience, the Puys du Fou is where you need to be, putting on some of the best historical reenactments in the country, within a park which could feel like it had been forgotten by modern times, creating a truly magical and whimsical experience.


To put it simply, Nantes is one of those places which feels and looks magical. A culturally rich town in the west of France, home to historical figures such as Jules Verne and Victor Hugo. Most importantly, if you think you fancy having a ride in a giant mechanical creature, Nantes might be able to help you with that. Les Machines de l'Ile ( the Machines of the Island ) is a center of engineering brilliance, known for its parades with its giant robot doll, mechanical elephant, android octopus, flying Herons, a big Creepy Crawley, a fire breathing dragon and beautiful carousel, situated on an island easily accessible from Nantes. There are many other points of interest in Nantes, such as the Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne, built in the XVth century as a defensive building for the Dukes of Brittany and later, occupied by François II ( a Duke of Brittany ), such an outstanding castle such a this deserves to be seen. The town itself is incredibly charming, with its classic french architecture with a touch of modernity sprinkled here and there. Nantes is a must see town and not seeing it would be a mistake 


Angers, a hidden city in the French countryside, is a pittoresque city deeply plunged in history. walking down the boulevard du Marechal Foch you won't be able to say to yourself 'Wow, how more french could this possibly get' and then once you're eating boeuf bourguignon with red wine in one of the many restaurants Angers has, it would be that much. while in Angers you should take the time to visit Terra Botanica, an amusement park revolving around growing and maintaining plants, flowers and the like with rides and restaurants. Angers is also one of the cleanest and most non polluted towns in France. Like nearly all french Towns, it has its own beautiful Castle, which contains ancient tapestry foretelling the end of times, "L'apocalypse". Originally 140 meters long, the castle managed to salvage 100 meters it's the most important piece of medieval tapestry in the world, a unique piece of hidden treasure for you to discover.  

Mont Saint-Michel

 Introducing one of the worlds modern world wonders: ' Le Mont Saint-Michel 'It began in the XI century as a church built by Aubert évêque d'Avranches. It sits upon a small island not too far from the coast, joinable by foot once the tide goes down. On Le Mont Saint-Michel you'll find a town with plenty of shops and restaurants, and a signature cathedral to visit, with a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Paris Getaway Bundle

Disney Land Paris

Some castles are magic, some others aren't. At Chateau Challain we like to think that we make the magic happen, but if there is one Castle where magic is truly real, then it's most certainly at Disney Land Paris. In the capital of love and baguettes, Disney Land Paris proposes a variety of restaurants, different rides and shows to behold, wether you're more of a Cinderella princess or an adventurer like Dory, you are bound to have the time of your life.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, the french symbolic piece of architectural art constructed in the beating heart of the capitol. And it's not just to show ! You can go all the way up to the second floor, wine and dine there, and if you feel brave, head to the top of the tower and have a glass of champagne to celebrate your act of bravado.

Le Louvre

Le musée du Louvre is one of the most popular museums in the world and the most visited, from its intriguing glass pyramid to its exposed treasures, it is a must see monument to anyone in Paris. In the Louvre you may find the Mona Lisa, Milo's Venus and France's most classic and adored representation of Marianne, Eugène Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People.  

This is just a small sample of things to do in and around our area, we didn't even have time to mention the stunning vineyard tours, or the wonderful bike trails, or delightful rivers for canoeing, etc, etc. So if you are looking to explore France, it would be hard to imagine a better located base of operations than Chateau Challain. And of course we have a full concierge service to help you find your means of transport around this beautiful country. Be it help getting a hire car, to organising a coach for all your friends and family, Chateau Challain's world famous service is there to help you set off on your grand French adventure. 

If France's hidden gemstones intrigue you, and would want to include this in your fairytale getaway, inquire here

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