A Midsummers Night's Dream


Hi Fairytale Fans, we have a very special treat for you guys in this edition of our wedding blog (Like seriously, brace yourselves for some hardcore Fairytale action).

I wouldn't say we only do Fairytale Weddings here at Chateau Challain, far from it. Not every Destination Wedding we perform has wings, or costumes. We are indeed proud to host a wonderful variety of romantic inmate elopements, heart warming Destination Family Weddings, and Luxurious Parties. Although once in a while a very special couple want to unleash their inner Oberon and Titania. And boy! are we there for couples such as these… after all our motto isn't #wedounicorns for nothing!

So, ladies and gentlemen, enter the very magical Anna and Levi…and of course never forgetting Geronimo! And a sneak peak at their enchanting wedding, a true Midsummers Night's Dream wedding. Anna loves Fairies, so when she mentioned this to our in-house wedding planner Cynthia Nicholson (from CiCi Events) the idea began to take shape. Here are some of their thoughts on this very special destination wedding….

 'We looked at many other places, but this chateau seemed right for us. Chateau Challain is a magical place. Cynthia was amazing, she helped us with everything. We couldn't even start to think of our favorite part, everything was beautiful, everything was my favorite. The schedule was perfect, we had lots of activities, we never felt bored at any point. My friends had high expectations, but this blew their minds. I'm so sad to go home, I could stay forever…'

Anna, Levi, and their lovely family and friends stayed at the Chateau for 3 nights. But they didn't just enjoy the calm timeless surroundings, and decided to profit to some of the events and activities we can offer for our guests.

On the night of their arrival the guests were treated to a taste of things to come. After freshening up in the Neo-Gothic splendour of their luxury suites, and dressing up in their Baroque costumes, they joined their hosts for a sumptuous feast in the Grand Dinning hall, fit for a King, his Princess, and their entourage.

And what a Banquet! The attention to detail didn't stop with the amazing table decor. Wild pheasant, Pigeon, salmon adorned the table; exquisite fruits of the seas, crabs, lobsters, oysters, and shrimp, were laid before the party all specially prepared by our very talented in house chef Alex Dupré. All the while serenaded with authentic music from that period of history from a live quartet of musicians. And to top the first night off in style they were entertained to a spectacular fire dancing show.

On the second day, once the guests had risen from their comfortable slumber they enjoyed an afternoon of Clay Pigeon Shooting, and Archery in the finely manicured grounds of the Chateau. Lunch was the French classic of mussels and fries. That evening the guests gathered beneath the shaded canopy of our outside barbecue area, where they dined upon a Chateau Challain speciality, Hog Roast.

 For the Big Day we had something very special lined up for this very special couple. The theme of the Wedding was a Midsummers Night's Dream.

The traditional wedding ceremony took place in the local church, where the couple exchanged their sacred vows, and tears were shed. On their return to the Chateau, the party was greeted with a champagne cocktail hour, and thrilled with hot air balloon rides at the back of the Chateau, giving spectacular views of the property. 

The reception dinner was held in our Secret Garden next to the Memorial Tower. Beautifully adorned with florals designed by CiCi events and David Kimmel, the Chateau's  dream team, which were wonderfullycomplemented by dream-like decor designed by our in-house wedding planner Cynthia Nicholson. The guests were completely wowed as they were transported into another ethereal world, full of fairy folk and unicorns.

Yet more tears were shed as the King and Queen took their first dance together beneath a cascade of falling stars.The enchanting evening was finished off with a spectacular firework display, before the happy guests danced the night away.

It was an unforgettable affair for everyone here at Chateau Challain, and from myself and all the staff, we wish this amazing couple all the very best with the next magical chapter in their lives.

The Talent...

Design: CiCi Events 

Photography: Janis Ratnieks, Janis Ratnieks

Floral: David Kimmel, David Kimmel design

Venue: Chateau Challain 

Cuisine: Alex Dupré, Les Saveurs Dupré

Videography: Alex Znaharchuk, znaharchuk.com

Dress: Galia Lahav, Galia Lahav

Stationary: Monumental Designs, Monumental Designs

Acrobat Troupe: Enigma Art, Enigma Art

Cake: Dealicious Gateaux, Dealicious Gateaux

Musicians: Singer, Lou Chase. Choir, God's Seven

...and of the amazing team here at Chateau Challain.

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