A Magical 2021 Elopement in France

We're back, baby! 

And we are over the moon to introduce the very marvelous Kamden and Dustin, our first beautiful Elopement of 2021!
France is, without doubt, the most romantic country in the world, and Kamden and Dustin got to see why. From this beautiful French castle to the veritable 'City of Lights," Paris, Kamden, and Dustin got a taste of the magic this country has to offer for an unforgettable elopement experience.

The beautiful couple chose our delightful elopement package, with the additional option of the genuinely romantic 'Last train to Paris'. In fact, there's never been a better time to elope to France than now! With our amazing 2021 elopement special, your dream of a dreamy castle elopement is only a click away.

Why is every Elopement here at Chateau Challain entirely unique? Well, the simple answer is it's always you. Every love story we are fortunate enough to be part of is all about the detail. And I'd like to take a moment to have a look at what Kamden and Dustin had to share with us.

On arrival at this stunning french castle, we started spoiling our very special guests with a delicious dinner from our expert in-house cook Alex Dupres, that delighted in wowing their palettes throughout their stay here at Chateau Challain. Kamden and Dustin picked our Romance suite for their stay at Chateau Challain, and I must take this chance to agree with them, as it's such a beautiful room with a simply stunning view of gardens.

 But the magic didn't stop there. After breakfast, this wonderful couple began the process of preparing for their big day with the help of our team of internationally renowned wedding specialists. We were incredibly fortunate to have acquired the services of the very talented destination wedding photographer  Janis Ratnieks for this fairytale elopement. And I'll I think you'll agree his work is truly magical. As an extra, Kamden and Dustin wisely asked for the services of the wonderful Alex Znaharchuk to capture the whole experience on film. Then we helped apply the finishing touches with the help of Kassaundra Stephens, who made sure everyone looked their best.

Under beautiful blue skies, Kamden and Dustin exchanged their wows at our divine gazebo, then a photo and video session throughout the chateau grounds. What followed that was a romantic dinner, just for two in our grand salon, before we whisked them off to the city of love, Paris, for the perfect french elopement experience.

Maybe you don't believe us, perhaps you have doubts, maybe you were thinking of another elopement venue in France, well here's what Kamden had to say about her elopement here at Chateau Challain.

Thank you so much for such an incredible wedding day! We expected it to be great, but the professionalism and everyone involved made reality so much better.
A week has passed, and we still can't stop talking about how happy we are with everything. Your talent is out of this world. Janis and Alex were amazing to work with. Kassandra was so sweet and so talented. The florist did an incredible job. We really enjoyed meeting and speaking with everyone and couldn't be more thankful for the job well done. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world and for making our wedding/elopement dreams come true!!!!
We can't wait to see our photos and video and share them with all our friends and family!
Again, thank you SO, SO much!
Kamden and Dustin."

So get in touch, and find out why Kamden and Dustin decided on Chateau Chateau for their dream 2021 elopement. Your dreams are just a click away.

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