A Fairytale Wedding Chateau.


 The Perfect Fairytale Wedding.

 Here at Chateau Challain, one of the top destination wedding venues in the world, we like to think that all of our weddings  and elopements have a certain fairytale theme. After all how can they not? Perhaps Chateau Challain is the epitome of a Fairytale Chateau, with her tall spires, grand dinning saloons, and many spiral staircases.

There is without doubt a certain magic to the place, as if they added a dash of romance to the mortar when they built her. But the location is just one element of a truly beautiful fairytale wedding, we thought we'd take this opportunity to explore some of the other aspects… 

The Story

How did you meet your beloved? A great fairytale wedding needs a great beginning, that moment when you fell in love. Did you swipe right, instead of left? Did you finally agreed to meeting the friend of your friend? Did you eventually sum up the courage to ask that special person at work for a coffee?

 However you met, whatever series of wonderful events lead you two to be together, when you consider that the entire universe had to be in perfect alignment for you to meet your one true love, then that's your story. And it'll be the Fairytale that you will tell for the rest of your life.And you created that, treasure it forever.

The Dress

The perfect Fairytale weddings needs the perfect dress. Yet what style should you go with? The options are near endless, should you go with the Classical A-line, or maybe an elegant Ball Gown? Then there's the accessories to consider, we wouldn't want a Cinderella wardrobe malfunction now, would we?

Although whatever you choose in the end, there is just one question you need to ask yourself to know, for sure, if you have chosen the ideal Fairytale wedding dress. And that is, 'Do I feel like a Princess?' If the answer is yes, then the slipper fits! And congratulations to you.

The Wedding

So we have the story, we have the dress, now we have to think of the big day itself! For me personally, and especially here at Chateau Challain, I'd say the best time of year for the perfect Fairytale Wedding would be early Spring, or late Autumn. That's not to say we haven't had some wonderfully magical marriages when Summer is in her full bloom, or in Winter when the place is covered with a magical frosting. It's just there's some special about those times.

Winter At the Fairytale Chateau

In Spring we have the forest floor awash with bluebells as Nature awakes from her winter slumber.The songbirds from our tall spires herald the coming of the new year, full of optimism and possibilities, and if that's not enchanting enough for you, then I don't know what is.

Then we have the Fall, with its melancholic splendor. The trees of the park explode into one final burst of color, as the morning mists swirl around the feet of the towers. It's truly magical, and the perfect backdrop for a fairytale wedding.

And when it comes to the decor, I'll let our in-house Wedding designer, Cynthia Nicholson, give you some ideas on the dream Fairytale Wedding, and in this case, pictures will speak a thousand words…

So, in order to sum up, the special ingredient, that spark, that magical component to have the perfect Fairytale Wedding …when all is said and done… is your Love. Because, at the end of day, it is the Greatest Fairytale of them all.

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